List of Our Services (What We Do)

Let's Collaborate & Build

If a concrete construction project can be imagined, Coast Concrete has the skill, expertise, and team to build it. Our commitment to excellence allows us to seek, hire and retain the most knowledgeable and hardworking team members in our industry and construct projects in a collaborative effort through the use of communication, skill, and teamwork. Quality and excellence are what we strive for every day.

Some of our specialties include Hillside Foundations, Structural Decks, Slabs, Caissons, CIP Walls, Shoring Walls, Shotcrete Walls, Architectural Concrete, Subterranean Structures, Structural Masonry, Sub-Slab Hardscape. See below for more details.

Slab on Grade

As the name suggests, this is a single layer of concrete slab that is typically 4 to 6 inches thick, reinforced with rebar underlain by sub-base ...

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Shoring Walls

These are temporary and/or permanent retaining structures with piles & lagging that prevent soil movement and cave-ins during construction site excavation.

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Cassions being put in on CCM Job site


Caissons are drilled/excavated holes ranging in depth anywhere from 8’ to 80’ deep with reinforced cages and concrete, typically utilized ...

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Hillside Foundation Construction on CCM jobsite

Hillside Foundation

Common along the coast of Southern Orange County, hillside foundations are complex and require an experienced concrete construction company.

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Structural Decks

The two most common forms of concrete decks used are cast-in-place and slab over steel pan decking. Cast-in-place concrete deck serves a vital role ...

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CIP Walls on CCM Construction site

C.I.P Walls

Cast-in-place concrete wall systems are typically one of the more common forms of constructing retaining walls, built on-site - these formed walls are reinforced ...

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Shotcrete Walls

This involves wet concrete pumped through a hose at a high velocity onto walls reinforced by rebar – allowing it to be placed and compacted simultaneously.

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Architectural Concrete

This typically serves as form and function at the same time – it provides an aesthetic finish to concrete walls while also serving as a structural function.

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Subterranean Structure project CCM

Subterranean Structures

Subterranean structures are also referred to as basements – this is becoming one of the more common forms of structural concrete ...

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